My upcoming projects

My main upcoming project on this blog is Language Log Twelve Years Later – a witty commentary (oh, that’s where sarcasm comes in! I wondered why I thought it’s so likely to appear) on classic Language Log (the 2003-08 run, in theory, though I doubt it would get all the way there, and if it does I doubt it would stop at the boundary).
And by this, I mean there will be a commentary on every single article. Since very early articles were far away in time from each other, the gap will probably shrink for a while, but it would inevitably start to grow very quickly as articles become more frequent (up to several per day, and at times perhaps more). I do not intend to ever let it shrink to under 12 years (thus the title), but it would require much more frequent posting that I’m likely to produce anyway.

There are… 5500 or so classic Language Log articles, apparently. There are roughly 1700 days in its run, so that’s an average of 3.2 articles per day. (A bit more if we discount the slow start in 2003.)

…I’m pretty sure that’s not my only current upcoming project, but I really wanted to post this before the end of the 29th of February. I might edit this to add some more later.

(Incidentally, in the inner editing system, this is apparently post number 37. Even though it’s only my second WordPress post ever.)


I finally made a blog

Today is the first anniversary of the day when I registered on Coin Community.

Today is the third anniversary of the day when I translated my first limerick.

(Sadly I cannot recall anything I was doing on the day of which today would have been the second anniversary.)

Today is the fifth Monday of February; it is the first such day in my life, and the last combination of this type for which I can ever say that. As long as our calendar doesn’t change significantly, anyway.
(Though, to be fair, while the following fifth Saturday of February would be my second, during my first I was barely a baby.)

And today is the day when I finally started a blog. Aside from my LJ, anyway.

(I’m actually surprised that this name was still available. A bit less than I could have been, though, because I also checked a dozen or so similar simple names which were, in fact, taken already.)

The tagline is a deliberate reference to XKCD, incidentally.
(I do intend to write much about language and math, and probably some sarcasm if it ever comes up, but romance is indeed unlikely.)