I finally made a blog

Today is the first anniversary of the day when I registered on Coin Community.

Today is the third anniversary of the day when I translated my first limerick.

(Sadly I cannot recall anything I was doing on the day of which today would have been the second anniversary.)

Today is the fifth Monday of February; it is the first such day in my life, and the last combination of this type for which I can ever say that. As long as our calendar doesn’t change significantly, anyway.
(Though, to be fair, while the following fifth Saturday of February would be my second, during my first I was barely a baby.)

And today is the day when I finally started a blog. Aside from my LJ, anyway.

(I’m actually surprised that this name was still available. A bit less than I could have been, though, because I also checked a dozen or so similar simple names which were, in fact, taken already.)

The tagline is a deliberate reference to XKCD, incidentally.
(I do intend to write much about language and math, and probably some sarcasm if it ever comes up, but romance is indeed unlikely.)


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