Language Log Twelve Years Later #1: Testing

Testing, testing. Two, five, six, eight. Is that thing on?

Wait, did I say “two, five, six, eight”? I meant “one, two, three, four”.

The first four articles on Language Log that are reachable from the top menu are listed in the database under numbers 2, 5, 6, and 8, respectively. This early, most article numbers on Language Log do seem to correspond to actual articles (if quite brief ones), even if not in the top menu (later on, 99% or so of the numbers are reachable by the top menu, and the rest give 404 pages); I think one in the 30s in a draft of an article posted later. (I’ll try to mention which one if I get that far).

Number 4 is not available (at least, not right now); number 7 seems to be a test entry.

As is number 1, which I’m commenting on today, twelve and a bit years later. Um, the system is working, right?

(Incidentally, thanks to Language Hat for actually sending some people my way. I think up to then my only visitors had all been me from a different computer.
I didn’t actually realize that the link would produce a referral and be visible on the linked blog; I’m happy enough this time, but I’ll try to be more careful later.)


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