Language Log Twelve Years Later #2: Own tongues

Not much to comment on here. I can’t even figure out what’s the reason this was discussed. To be honest, it almost looks like a follow-up to an earlier post on some other blog that perhaps did not survive to this day.
(Realistically, more likely, it is a follow-up to a private discussion, perhaps by email.)

Though I admit, out of context – and to an extent even in context – the phrase sounds funny.

As unfortunately common for classic Language Log, the link had since rotted away. I’ll check if I could find a Wayback Machine version; on the computer (and browser) I’m writing this from right now, Wayback Machine does not work anywhere near reliably (apparently, due to a particularly unfortunate law interaction, which I’ll try to explain more decently another time), so I’d have to search for it on a different computer (and/or in a different browser).
(I might also check if the information being linked to is actually still available, just at a subtly different address. It happens occasionally.)
However, for the most part, it’s fairly obvious what was going on from the quoted section, anyway.

(It’s officially the first Language Log post, incidentally; more details in the previous entry.)


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