My comment on the Brexit referendum

With less than a week to go until the referendum for the United Kingdom’s membership in the European Union (also known as the Brexit referendum), it is still not certain which way the referendum is going (mind you, it’s probably going to be decided by one of the sides’ big gaffe the day before the referendum happens, but that sort of thing isn’t something that anyone can predict any more specifically).

As such, here’s my prediction: the UK votes very narrowly to leave. Gibraltar, however, overwhelmingly votes to stay (for quite practical reasons), and their votes pull the total slightly into “stay” territory.

…Okay, that wasn’t very likely. Replace “UK” and “Gibraltar” in the above paragraph by “Great Britain” and “Northern Ireland”, though, and you get a result that is actually fairly likely to happen. (Several dozen times more likely that the Gibraltar version, anyway.)

Also: did I mention that I don’t particularly like politics? Because that’s still true, unfortunately.


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