Describe YesThatsABlog/About here.

Sorry, TV Tropes reference. But I think the two official guides are too silly, and can’t think of anything else to put on this page.

Basically, I’m a guy who already had a LJ (it’s on the Contacts page),.but assorted friends persuaded me that a LJ doesn’t count as a real blog. And I wanted a blog where I could write in English anyway. (My LJ is all in Russian, and I’d rather prefer to keep it that way.)

Also, I’m a student (though I might stop being one soon), and I make no secret of where I live, but I don’t want to tell it explicitly either.

And if you found this blog from AH.com, or CCF, or OTT, or FAI, or SV, or IWC, or 12MC, or SFF, or another acronym I forgot, or Language Log which I don’t know the acronym for, or perhaps another similar place where I might mention it eventually, chances are you know who I am already.


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