Um, this is the Contact page, where I’m describing contact options. Except very carefully, because spammers. (Sorry.)

You’re probably most likely to want to contact me at my email address, which is january one may dog gmail point com. (That’s one as in the digit one.)

My LJ, as referred to in my oldest post, is january hyphen may point livejournal point com. It’s all in Russian, sorry. (Also, as of when I write this, there hadn’t been any comments for like a year.)

I’m not giving up my physical address here (so far); but if you’re reading this and don’t know me in person already, chances are you live thousands of miles away. So it doesn’t really matter.


UPD 2017-06-21: I now have a Twitter!
It was supposed to be called Yes, That’s A Twitter, but they don’t allow names with the full string “twitter”, so I had to shorten the last word to “Twitr”.

UPD 2017-11-28: Twitter account currently locked on suspicion of automated activity. I’m not giving them a phone number, obviously. Waiting on my support ticket for the moment…
UPD 2017-11-29: fixed, all is fine with my Twitter again!